New Campaign Shoot With Untouched World photographed at 921 Studios. All images were photographed for their up coming winter range.
Untouched World Fashion Campaign photographed in studio
Serbian professional tennis player and world number one Novak Djokovic photographed in black and white in studio
model walking the streets of Shibuya Tokyo for ASICS Japans latest sporting apparel
latest asics foot wear photographed on location in Tokyo Japan
crisp blue sky sets the backdrop as tennis star caroline garcia sets up a serve on hard court
New tennis campaign photographed in spain with tennis star caroline garcia smashing a forehand shot across court.
Asics Sky Elite 2 High Top Volleyball Shoe product photoshoot for online and e-commerce purposes
creative product photoshoot of two shoes suspended in studio shot with elinchrom studio lighting using sony a7R professional sports and product photography
Lifestyle Fashion Photography With Merino Mink New Zealand fashion model posing in studio
Boho-Inspired Fashion Model Posing in a Flowing Dress with neutral Coloured Top photographed in Hagley Park New Zealand for untouched world campaign
New campaign imagery with New Zealands Untouched World featuring strong neutral tones of earthy colours. Photographed at Hagely Park Christchurch.
Moody portrait photographed in studio using photographic strobes.
vogue fashion styled shoot in studio using moody lighting
Immerse yourself in the striking imagery of the Adidas Predator XP soft ground rugby boot, meticulously photographed in a studio setting for Adidas New Zealand's cutting-edge print campaign.
Immerse yourself in the captivating studio shots of the Adidas Predator XP rugby boot, flawlessly captured using the powerful Sony A7R4 stills camera.
Increase brand awareness and positioning Asics Global as a leading sports lifestyle brand while showcasing women in sports.
Experience the dynamic outdoor lifestyle scene as Devon Krige captures the spirit of adventure, featuring the Tissot T-Watch in a captivating photoshoot set against the breathtaking backdrop of nature.
Macro photography highlighting the intricate designs, along with highlighting the fine details used in the jewellery.
Striking visuals, the photographic campaign will emphasise Palace's position as a leading global streetwear brand deeply rooted in the skateboarding community.
Latest work with Skate brand Palace and story cape town as Devon Krige captures new photographic content.
Tissot t-touch europe and the new tissot connect photographed in an urban office
Tissot t-touch watch photography. Devon Krige expertly captures its elegance and sophistication through his lens.
luxury products sourced from International and local brands photographed in Christchurch new zealand by devon krige
Studio photography with products from Luxury brand McKenzie and Willis Christchurch
Sporting imagery captured at the live Perugia Volleyball game ahead of ASICS Globals new campaign
live Volleyball action held in Perugia photographed by commercial sports photographer Devon Krige
Padel Product Photoshoot took place in Madrid Spain for Asics Global
Caroline Garcia at the IQL Tennis Academy ahead of Asics Globals latest photoshoot taking place on clay tennis court
Campaign imagery shot for Asics Europe at the IQL Tennis Academy located Southeast of Spain
Sports campaign imagery with French Tennis athlete Caroline Garcia
live action rugby imagery of rugby world cup 2019 champions the Springboks as they take on New Zealand
Rugby World Cup Champions of 2019 take on The All Blacks at Loftus Versveld in Johannesburg imagery forms part of the photographic campaign for ASICS Global
Present the stunning studio photography of the New Balance Replica South Africa's cricket Jersey.
Latest pink day new balance cricket replica jersey photographed in studio using the sony a1
Asics Japan take their photoshoot to the street with Rugby Star Michael Leech ahead of the rugby world cup campaign
billboard product shoot for the highly anticipated Adidas Predator campaign launch.
Adidas Predator Mutator 2.0 print campaign imagery for global brand adidas photographed by stills photographer Devon Krige.
group photography of four sponsored ASICS global tennis players photographed in latest ASICS tennis wear
black and white portrait of boss model created for model portfolio using the sony A1
white Mercedes benz photographed in studio using the sony A1
sporting tennis super star nokak djokovic is commercial photographed in studio by devon krige
Tennis Player Alex De Minaur from Australia posses for Asics Europes latest Tennis Campaign
asics sky elite volleyball shoe 2020 commercial print campaign – product photography by devon krige
product photography of the latest asics volleyball shoe 2020 commercial campaign imagery set to lauch this year
rugby world cup champions the south african springboks pose their photographic campaign ahead of Japan 2019
Unbeaten rugby world cup champions score try against Australia in friendly warm up game held at Loftus Versveld South Africa
Rugby star Bernard Foley Posing for ASICS Globals portrait shoot ahead of the rugby world cup campaign
commercial portrait of Australian rugby captain michael hooper photographed for ASICS Australia in studio
Portrait Of Mine Worker Hans For Anglo Gold Mining shot in studio
mining portraits of workers as part of a campaign imagery for their rebrand celebrating the hard work of the people in the mining industry.
Stunning blue Maserati sports car parked in front of airplane hanger, showcasing its sleek design, aerodynamic lines, and iconic front grille. The sunlight reflects off the polished surface, highlighting its luxurious appeal. Capturing the energy and elegance of Maserati in Christchurch.
Maserati car in a vibrant blue being offloaded in Christchurch. The car's streamlined body, iconic front grille, and stylish headlights exude luxury and performance in this automotive photograph.
captivating jewellery shoot with luxury brand kindred showcasing the latest jewellery boxes in natural sun light
In studio capturing creative images of the new adidas soccer boot using flash and LED lighting can result in dynamic and visually striking photographs all while using motion to represent fast pace movement
pink adidas football boot commercially photographed in studio using motion blur to create a story of speed and agility
commercial product photography of the latest asics lightweight running shoe set on a stadium track.
photography of athletic running stadium used to photograph new asics running apparel.
black and white portrait photographed in a Christchurch studio using the sony a1
portrait imagery of local at new brighton beach side skatepark
New Brighton Beach skate park, portrait captures the unique atmosphere of the skate park and rider.
automotive image of yellow alfa romeo shot in studio with sony pro camera
vintage gold alfa romeo shot in studio using sony alpha A1 capturing privates collectors car range
Black and white image of French Athlete warming up during photoshoot
A European track runner, sponsored by ASICS France, sprinting with intensity on a track. The photo highlights the athlete's dynamic motion, capturing their athleticism and determination. ASICS' brand logo and products, including running shoes and sportswear, are prominently featured in the image, reinforcing the brand's identity and product line
Tissot product watch print campaign featuring basketball players engaged in a one-on-one game at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The photograph is taken using natural lighting, showcasing the players' skill and intensity as they compete. The Tissot watch is prominently displayed, highlighting its presence and association with the exciting sporting event.
Tissot T-Touch Connect, a new Swiss watch, is showcased in an outdoor setting on a hard court basketball court. The image features basketball players engaged in a game, illuminated by natural lighting. The photograph captures the dynamic and energetic atmosphere, highlighting the watch's sleek design and innovative features, perfectly combining style and functionality
Product photography of the Tissot T-Touch watch, showcasing its elegant design and innovative features. The image highlights the watch's sleek and sophisticated appearance, capturing its attention to detail and precise craftsmanship
Captivating commercial lifestyle campaign for Tissot Europe, showcasing the brand's exquisite timepieces in various captivating settings. The images capture the fusion of style, elegance, and sophistication, highlighting Tissot's commitment to quality and innovation.
Lifestyle photoshoot featuring WAWA, a surfboard shaping company. The image captures the essence of the lifestyle associated with WAWA, showcasing the craftsmanship and passion for surfboard shaping. Surrounded by surfboards and tools, the photograph exudes a sense of creativity and adventure.
wooden surfboard shaper from WAWA photographed outside their store, located in the picturesque setting of New Zealand. The image captures the artisan at work, surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating WAWA's wooden surfboards
professional ring designer, representing diverse backgrounds captured in commercial portraits for Standard Bank.
In a studio setting, the ASICS Global's Women's New Strong print campaign is captured with the use of Profoto Pro 10 lighting packs. The commercial portraits feature empowered women showcasing strength and resilience. The images exude energy and confidence, reflecting the brand's commitment to empowering women through their athletic pursuits. These portraits serve as part of ASICS Global's print campaign, highlighting the brand's dedication to supporting strong women worldwide
Close-up view of the latest Adidas Predator 2.0 Football Boot, showcasing its sleek design and advanced features, captured in a commercial product photography shoot for Adidas.
Promotional print campaign featuring Julia Görges, representing ASICS Europe, showcasing the latest athletic apparel and footwear collection
Commercial automotive photography of Mercedes benz captured on airplane run way with scenic mountain scape.
photograph carefully emphasises the exquisite details and craftsmanship of the Tissot T-Touch Connect watch. Lifestyle product photography highlights the synergy between the cyclist and the mountain range.
model photographed on colourful backdrop for asics global in new commercial photographic campaign using the sony A1
Vibrant Cycling scene at Washington Skatepark, Christchurch, showcasing a lively community of skaters and bikers
Commercial Product Photography Of World Cup Australian Jersey captured for ASICS Australia, photographed on a vibrant yellow background
Rugby Portrait of Nick Phipps commercially photographed for ASICS Australia ahead of Rugby World Cup Campaign
commercial sports photography captured at the hsbc sevens rugby tournament featuring blitzbok players
Action image of David Goffin leaping into a back hand tennis shot. Commercial imagery for ASICS Europe
Vibrant imagery of latest gobal print campaign with ASICS Europe, photographed using studio lighting and the latest Sony Camera
Close-up shot of ASICS Volleyball shoes, photographed for ASICS Europe on yellow chairs
volleyball model posing in latest asics commercial volleyball photoshoot
colourful image with model posing in new campaign featuring ASICS latest sporting apparel.
local skateboarder ripping it up at new brighton beach photographed by devon krige on the new sony a1
Local Perugia Volleyball Team Photographed For ASICS Europe as team players defend and block a volley.
Team photo of Australian Sevens Rugby team at the HSBC seven tournament held in South Africa
blitzbok rugby players captured using the sony A1 for commercial campaign at the Green Point Stadium
alex de minaur tennis player playing tennis on hard court in latest asics european photoshoot
tennis star Alex De Minaur slides while playing a back hand volley on ASICS Europes latest commercial campaign.
hiking & lifestyle product photography for tissot t-touch print campaign by Devon Krige
hoka one one product photography captured in studio with the sony alpha 1
captivating commercial portraits documenting the day of a miner working for Anglo Gold Mines
black and white image of Kendo Martial arts actor, photographed in studio
Black and white imagery of Kendo Modern Japanese Martial Art in studio, exploring a new angles on Kendo Martial Arts.
gorgeous sun rise in Cape Towns picturesque Simons Town Bay photographed on the sony A1
As part of my latest lifestyle portrait shoot, I had the opportunity to capture a local surfboard shaper in South Africa. The photoshoot took place against the stunning backdrop of South Africa's coastal beauty, highlighting the essence of the surf culture and the artistry of the shaper's craft.
Cape Town Surfboard Shaper Portraits photographed out side his Muizenburg store in South Africa
active lifestyle photoshoot shoot for ASICS Europe and womens new strong print campaign using coloured gels and studio lighting
HSBC World Rugby Sevens sports photography captured by Devon Krige of Christchurch New Zealand
Close-up portrait of ASICS Global's new winter 2020 lifestyle range - featuring vibrant colors.

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